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NAVJIVAN (NEW LIFE) RETREAT (for Religious Men & Women)

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George Mlakuzhyil SJ (Jun 22-30) (8 days) [Tue: 6 pm – Wed: 2 pm]

Its aim is to lead the retreatant to holistic wellness, a new life of love and freedom. It has four components: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The psycho-somatic, eco-social, religious-spiritual dimensions of life are integrated through yoga, vipasana, ARM (awareness-relaxation-meditation), positive thinking, guided group meditation, contemplation of nature and personal experience of Jesus, the sacrament of new life. One emerges from this retreat-experience, like a beautiful butterfly flying out of its cocoon, with new energy and enthusiasm in his/her life and ministry.

(Reg. & Course Fee: Rs. 1400) (Board & Lodge: Rs. 2800) (Total Cost = Rs. 4200) {20 seats}

adminnrcNAVJIVAN (NEW LIFE) RETREAT (for Religious Men & Women)

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