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NEW WAY OF BEING SCHOOL (Workshop for School Principals)

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Tom Kunnunkal SJ (June 26) [Sun] [non-res.] [9 am – 5 pm]

Many would-be “Kalpana Chawlas” lie buried in our school campuses because they remained undiscovered and hence undeveloped. In our recent history, just 1 percent of Indians was able to put India on the world map. How to reinvent our schooling strategies to empower the young to create a new India? We live in a knowledge-intensive society. Possessing competence has become a nonnegotiable requirement. In workshop format, we will explore the kinds of competences that the young in school will need to acquire, which will lay the foundation for winning in life later.

(Reg. & Course Fee: Rs. 250) (Food: Rs. 150) (Total Cost = Rs. 400) {40 seats}


nrc2015NEW WAY OF BEING SCHOOL (Workshop for School Principals)

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