NAVJIVAN (NEW LIFE) RETREAT (for Religious Men & Women)

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George Mlakuzhyil SJ (Jun 22-30) (8 days) [Tue: 6 pm – Wed: 2 pm]

Its aim is to lead the retreatant to holistic wellness, a new life of love and freedom. It has four components: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The psycho-somatic, eco-social, religious-spiritual dimensions of life are integrated through yoga, vipasana, ARM (awareness-relaxation-meditation), positive thinking, guided group meditation, contemplation of nature and personal experience of Jesus, the sacrament of new life. One emerges from this retreat-experience, like a beautiful butterfly flying out of its cocoon, with new energy and enthusiasm in his/her life and ministry.

(Reg. & Course Fee: Rs. 1400) (Board & Lodge: Rs. 2800) (Total Cost = Rs. 4200) {20 seats}

adminnrcNAVJIVAN (NEW LIFE) RETREAT (for Religious Men & Women)
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BECOMING A WINNER IN LIFE (Workshop for All Adults)

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Tom Kunnunkal SJ (Apr 30) [non-res] (Sat: 9 am – 5 pm)

God deliberately chose to create every one of us and has placed us on this planet earth in order to be a winner by making a contribution to life. It is a great tragedy of life that many, if not most, end up as losers by not pursuing one’s mission in life. In workshop format, we will explore practical ways to bring about a difference in our life and experience the joy of winning than the pain of losing, by identifying positive strategies to win and by dropping the negative blocks that make us lose.

(Reg. & Course Fee: Rs. 250) (Food: Rs. 150) (Total Cost = Rs. 400) {40 seats}

adminnrcBECOMING A WINNER IN LIFE (Workshop for All Adults)
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