Upcoming Programmes

May 2018


June 2018

Training Programme in Basic Counselling Skills (For Priests/Religious/Teachers-Social Workers, etc.)

(Fr. Joy Pulikunnel SJ & Sr. Veronica, B.S.)

SYNOPSIS: This 10-day training programme in basic counselling skills is for those who are  interested in helping individuals to deal with their  personal problems as well as opportunity development.  This course is open to anyone who is engaged in ministries of helping like formation, spiritual guidance, teaching, healing, social empowerment, youth guidance, pastoral care, and animation of communities and groups as superiors and coordinators. The participants will be given exposure to the theoretical aspects of the process of counselling as well as familiarity with the basic skills in guiding people.  The program also envisages supervised practical sessions of these skills. The healing methods and problem solving skills based on Awareness Meditation and Relaxation (AMR) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) will be part of this training programme.

Total Expenses: Rs. 5500/- (Single Room Non-Ac) and Rs. 6500/- (for AC)

August 2018


SYNOPSIS: Psycho-sexual Integration and Celibacy: Looks at the meaning and requirements of healthy psycho-sexual integration in celibate life. Sexuality is a positive and powerful core aspect of the human person that needs to be integrated, not denied, or repressed or given free rein. Topics covered: Basic clarifications, stages of psycho-sexual development, psycho-sexual maturity, healthy and less healthy ways of handling sexual feelings, problem areas (sexual abuse, masturbation, homosexuality, pornography, sexual attractions in ministry), marriage and celibacy as two different ways of loving, meaning of celibacy, celibacy as a personal response to a discerned “call” (rather than a way of recruiting personnel for church institutions), failures in celibacy, helps for a happy celibate life, healthy friendships, formation for celibacy.

Total Expenses: Rs. 2200/- (Single Room Non-Ac) and Rs. 2600/- (for AC)

September 2018


SYNOPSIS: One week COLLOQUIUM will be based on the following Ignatian Sources:  a) St. Ignatius’ Autobiography, b) Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, c) His letters, d) The Constitution of the Society of Jesus. You will be challenged by the mind and heart of the Ignatian Spirituality and its relevance for the present times.

Total Expenses: Rs. 3300/- (Single Room Non-Ac) and Rs. 3900/- (for AC)

November 2018

Audio Visual Retreat: (THE IGANTIAN WAY) (Fr. George Sebastian S. J.)

SYNOPSIS: It is basically an Ignatian retreat using modern means of audio visual communication. The general theme for the retreat is: “Following Jesus Christ in a Mass Mediated Consumer Culture”. It is to help the retreatants to check and examine the quality of their inner lives and commitment to gospel values in today’s world.  It is to help them to search and find deeper meaning and purpose in the so called mass mediated and consumer culture of our time. The program of the retreat will include sharing of reflections, thoughts and insights in brief input sessions, audio-visual presentations of certain spiritual and Ignatian themes and topics, songs and song offerings, psalms and poems, watching special movies and movie segments, directed mediations and personal spiritual exercises, quiet meditative listening to soul stirring music etc. The retreat will be done in complete silence and solitude.

Total Expenses: Rs. 4400/- (Single Room Non-Ac) and Rs. 5200/- (for AC)

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